Add another chemical service (mosquito, flea/tick or perimeter pest control) and receive a $25 credit on the final application.


EARLY SEASON - Pre-emergent herbicide for grassy and broadleaf weeds. Post-emergent herbicide for over-wintering weeds.

SPRING - Secondary pre- and post-emergent application to boost protection against aggressive weeds.

LATE SPRING - Start-up granular fertilizer for a green, healthy lawn. Spot treat weeds as needed.

SUMMER - Balanced granular fertilizer for continued healthy growth. Spot treat weeds as needed.

LATE SUMMER - Specifically blended granular fertilizer for root system hardiness. Spot treat weeds a needed.

FALL - Pre- and post-emergent application to keep your lawn healthy over winter and protect against seasonal weeds.

LATE FALL - Lime application to adjust and balance soil PH and to ensure your grass can use all nutrients applied during the year.

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